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Here are some local programs to check out!


        YouThrive - Media production.


        CoderDojo - Programming for kids.


        PCsForPeople - Making technology affordable for all.


        Rêve Academy - Creating pathways to digital careers.


        Asian Meda Access - A space in north minneapolis that provides various digital literacy tools


        Black Data Processors Association - Teen Tech Program


These are nation wide programs you have access to as well!


        Nichole Pinkard - speaking on Digital literacy.

  - Urban teens exploring Technology.


        Youth Digital Media - Engaging youth in the community through digital media.


        Black Girls Code - Women of color in technology.


        Yes We Code - Teaching low opportunity youth to code.

  - Learn to code on your own time.


        Hack The Hood - Teaching high demand multimedia and tech skills to youth.


        CODE2040 - Creating access, awareness, and opportunities for top minority engineering talent to ensure                                        their leadership in the economy



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