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WOKE Digital Empowerment for Girls of Color is a  program will focuses on providing young women of color with an opportunity to explore   their voice and perspective in relation topics concerning girls of color.

Each module  focused on a different topic and learning a new digital media skill.   During this program  you will spend time: engaging in discussions, readings and creating a 'digital' artifact to express  your learning and ideas.


WOKE: A program designed to target young women of color to help them identify, reclaim, and express their ethnic heritage through Digital Empowerment.

The WOKE Digital Empowerment for Girls of Color  runs for 6 weeks.  During the weeks, each day there is a digital activity to complete.   In addition, there are 2 Zoom Webinar sessions for a hour

The program is $33 a week /$199 for the whole program features include:

  • Digital Skill Development

  • Supportive Community 

  • Build 21st Century Learning Skills 

  • Self -Identity Development

  • Racial Identity Development/Embrace Heritage 

  • Digital Mentor

  • Digital Workbook

  • Branded Materials

  • Certificate of Completion 

Participants will need:

  • A Device (laptop, tablet or desktop)

  • Access to the Internet

  • Webcam

WOKE Digital Empowerment for Girls of Co
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